The Martha McSally files

On Thursday, June 8, the House, including Arizona congressional representative Martha McSally, voted to kill the Dodd-Frank bill.

Voters in her district have been calling, tweeting, emailing, faxing and writing letters asking for her position on this legislation since April. Most Arizonans had no idea how she would vote since her office staff repeatedly told constituents she had no position.

That was a lie.

Arizona congressional representative Martha McSally enjoying two drinks at a private fundraiser with the Arizona Bankers Association on May 30, 2017.

On May 30th, McSally gave a private, candid speech to the Arizona Bankers Association detailing her intent to repeal Dodd-Frank. Indivisible Southern Arizona obtained a recording of the speech, during which McSally speaks candidly on many subjects, including how the Trump administration is hurting Republicans' 2018 election hopes.

Here is the full recording:

Full Recording
Entire recording, length 1:02:20

And here are some selected excerpts:

Clip 1
Rep. McSally doesn't find politics enjoyable, length 0:00:13

Clip 2
Rep. McSally says she is willing to listen to anyone, but refuses to listen to us, length 0:00:24

Clip 3
Rep. McSally opines that she will anger voters no matter what, length 0:00:12

Clip 4
I’m the punching bag (loop), length 0:00:07

Clip 5
Rep. McSally acknowledges that under the current environment, she’d lose a reelection if it was held today, length 0:00:21

Clip 6
Nothing like pulling the trigger on the A-10, length 0:00:02

Clip 7
On Dodd-Frank: Rep. McSally refused to answer constituents’ questions about Dodd-Frank repeal, but was willing to discuss it in closed doors bankers meeting, length 0:05:41

Clip 8
You know better! Rep. McSally tells bankers that they know best about regulating banks, length 0:00:15

Clip 9
Pony up! Banker’s appeal for contributions to McSally’s campaign, length 0:00:25