Homeland Security Says Sen. McCain’s Proposal to Waive Lie Detector Test for CBP Agents “Poses a National Threat”

Indivisible Southern Arizona Rally at McCain's
Tuesday, May 23rd, 8-9:30 a.m.
To Demand Senator Withdraw Support for Boots on the Border Act

In January, a Texas border patrol agent was sentenced to 20 years for drug and weapons smuggling charges in a case that involved a murder. Border patrol agents in Arizona have been charged with sexual assault, drug trafficking and bribery. These agents were hired years before polygraphs became mandatory for all hires in 2013 with the passage of the Anti-Border Corruption Act.

But Senator John McCain, in a rush to fill vacancies in Customs and Border Protection, has co-sponsored a bill with Senator Jeff Flake (S.595) that would scrap compulsory polygraphs for former law enforcement officers and veterans, even though border security experts say it would make our border less secure and increase corruption.

Border patrol agents often work alone in isolated areas and are vulnerable to recruitment by drug cartels or people smugglers.

Speaking to the New York Times on Sunday, John Roth, the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general, said waiving polygraph requirements is a huge risk for the C.B.P and that new ways need to be found to make hiring

“While it may sound reasonable to say you could waive requirements from former military personnel because they have passed a polygraph, he said, "Border Patrol agents work in a different environment that is not as controlled as the military.” He added that new ways need to be found to make hiring of agents “more efficient without sacrificing integrity and effectiveness.”

Kristen Randall, of Indivisible Southern Arizona, couldn't agree more. "We are going to Senator McCain's office to demand that agents are hired who create a more secure border, not a less secure one. Fast-tracking agents is not the way to do this."

Secure our Border Patrol, No on Boots on the Border Bill Rally,
Tuesday, May 23rd, 8-9:30 a.m.
Senator John McCain's Office, 407 W. Congress St., Tucson

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