McSally Tells Bankers at Fundraiser She’ll Repeal Consumer Banking Protection Act, Staff Lies to Regular Folks Who Ask Her Position on Dodd-Frank

Rally at McSally's, Friday, June 9th, 8-9 a.m.

We Demand Honesty-Communicate With Your Constituents--Not Bankers and Lobbyists

Links to audio cuts of McSally's comments below

On Thursday, the House, including Martha McSally, voted to kill the Dodd-Frank bill. Voters in her district who have been calling, tweeting, emailing, faxing and writing letters asking for the her position since April had no idea how she would vote because her office claimed she had no position.

But one group of people knew exactly how McSally would vote. On May 30th, McSally gave a private speech to the Arizona Bankers Association detailing her positions on the repeal of Dodd-Frank while constituents were turned away and instead congregated outside to protest. Days after her recorded speech, calls to staffers and a meeting with her District Director, CJ Karamargin still resulted in being told they didn’t know what the Congresswoman’s position was or that she didn’t have one.

On Friday, June 9th from 8AM-9AM in front of McSally’s office at 4400 E., Broadway Blvd. Indivisible Southern Arizona will be protesting McSally's vote to repeal Dodd-Frank (HR10, the CHOICE Act,) her lack of honestly to her constituents and her decision to favor banks over consumers. We will also be playing the full audio on the sidewalk.

Indivisible Southern Arizona consists of 2,800 citizens from Arizona congressional districts 1, 2 and 3 who are committed to resisting the radical portions of President Donald Trump's agenda. The grassroots organization is part of a larger Indivisible movement comprised of almost 6,000 similar groups throughout the country.

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Link to entire speech and other select audio cuts