We’re still watching, Senator Flake: Indivisible Southern Arizona hosting health care rally and open mic session Saturday morning

A deluge of phone calls, protests and bad publicity stopped the senate from voting on the "Better Care Act," a proposed Obamacare replacement bill, before the Independence Day recess.

But the legislation is far from dead.

With another vote looming, Indivisible Southern Arizona isn't letting up. This Saturday, the Tucson-based group will rally outside Senator Flake's office from 8:00-9:00 a.m. to remind him 400,000 Arizonans will lose their health insurance should the legislation pass.

"This could be our last chance to remind Senator Flake this bill will devastate Medicaid,  increase deductibles, and deny coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions," said Kristen Randall, the lead organizer for Indivisible Southern Arizona.

"The Senator owes it to his constituents to reject this flawed and deeply unpopular piece of legislation," she added.

The rally will include an open mic session for concerned Arizonans to share their stories in front of Flake's Oracle Rd. offices.

Arizona governor Doug Ducey is among those warning the Better Care Act falls far short of properly protecting Arizona Medicaid recipients. Should the legislation pass, the state is projected to lose at least $7.1 billion in federal Medicaid funding through 2026.

A report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates 22 million Americans will lose their health insurance by 2026.

Indivisible Southern Arizona consists of about 3,000 citizens from Arizona congressional districts 1, 2 and 3 who are committed to resisting the radical portions of President Donald Trump's agenda. The grassroots organization is part of a larger Indivisible movement comprised of almost 6,000 similar groups throughout the country.

Saturday, July 8, 8:00-9:00 a.m.
Senator Flake's Tucson office
6840 N. Oracle Rd.

Indivisible Southern Arizona
Contact: Kristen Randal