Here's a short list of helpful political action resources for keeping track of current events and making our voices heard. On these sites you can track important issues, find voting records, sponsorship records, financial records, and much, much more. (All links open in a new browser tab or window.)

Premier site for tracking legislation. You can sign up and create your own list of bills to follow.
GovTrack Hot Bills
List of bills and resolutions currently trending among GovTrack members.
5 Calls
The simple, quick way to phone your members of congress and other influencers about specific issues. Select an issue, and 5 Calls shows you background information, a telephone script, and up to five phone numbers to call.
Primary source for current legislation, committee reports, members of congress, the Congressional Record, and more.
"Your Government, Made Simple." On their website and via mobile app, they offer daily updates on lawmakers and key developments on the issues. It's easy to find clear information about pros and cons on current issues.
"Your voice matters all the time. Not just on election day." Lets you register your opinion about current issues and contact lawmakers.
Center for Responsive Politics. The go-to site for financial information. They follow the money, including records on dark money, PACs, and candidates.
Vote Smart
"Vote Smart's mission is to provide free, factual, unbiased information on candidates and elected officials to ALL Americans." Includes the graphical, interactive Vote Smart Political Galaxy, an easy way to find each legislator's positions on issues.
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
"We are a nonpartisan research and policy institute. We pursue federal and state policies designed both to reduce poverty and inequality and to restore fiscal responsibility in equitable and effective ways. We apply our deep expertise in budget and tax issues and in programs and policies that help low-income people, in order to help inform debates and achieve better policy outcomes."